The picture below looks pretty benign, right? That’s why so many eyelid cancers go untreated until they are large. The eyelids get a lot of sun exposure and usually are not covered by sunscreen due to the irritation it causes when it gets in your eye.

Any bump around your eye should be examined. If it turns out to be something dangerous, Dr. Whipple will remove the lesion completely. She’ll simultaneously work to preserve as much tissue as possible to reconstruct your lid. The end goal is to have you be free of any dangerous lesion and look like nothing ever happened.

Conjunctival Tumors/Lesions They may not look like much, but the earlier we can identify and remove cancers on the surface of the eye the better. So if you see something that looks unusual, be sure not to wait and hope it will go away. At least have it examined, because knowledge will give you the power to decide what is best for your eyes.

Eyelid Cancer

Conjunctival Cancer
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