1. Is my procedure covered by insurance?

Some of the procedures Dr. Whipple performs are covered by insurance…and some are not. Based upon your history and exam, Dr. Whipple will determine if your procedure is medically necessary. Envision Eye & Aesthetics has experts in health insurances to use your insurance if deemed medically necessary by Dr. Whipple.

If a condition is considered cosmetic, Envision Eye & Aesthetics has numerous payment options available. We live in the real world and understand the importance of having payment plans that fit your financial style.
2. Is Dr. Whipple an ophthalmologist?

Yes. She did her residency in Ophthalmology at University of California San Diego.
3. Is Dr. Whipple a plastic surgeon?

Yes. After completing her residency in ophthalmology, Dr. Whipple spent an additional two years at the University of California San Diego to complete a prestigious and highly sought after fellowship in Orbital and Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Acceptance into this society requires completion of an additional 2 years of training, completion of a thesis, and passing an oral and written exam. Dr. Whipple’s thesis was deemed the top 3 in the country and she was asked to present her research findings at the ASOPRS national meeting. For these two years, in addition to her training in residency, Dr. Whipple worked solely from the neck up, focusing on face and eyelids.
4. Is everything Dr. Whipple does considered cosmetic?

No. Many of the procedures Dr. Whipple performs are covered by insurance based upon your individual presentation. There really is no absolute so the best thing to do is undergo a full examination with Dr. Whipple and discuss the concerns you have.
5. Is my procedure going to be painful?

Ahhh…We wish we could say everything we do is pain free but it’s simply not possible. However, we can garauntee that YOUR comfort is always our top priority. We do everything possible to minimize your discomfort. From the big things like using medications to numb you to the little things, like holding your hand or giving you ice afterward, we want your experience to be a pain free as possible.
6. Will I be bruised after my procedure?

This is probably the MOST common question we get asked. The truth is we can never completely predict who is going to bruise and who is not. It depends on so many factors. However, we can reassure you that we take all measures possible to minimize bruising BEFORE and AFTER your procedure to speed your recovery along a much as possible.
7. How are Amanda’s procedures different from a regular aesthetician?

Amanda is a licensed aesthetician and from working alongside Dr. Whipple for over two years and become very astute to what sterile technique is and the importance of sanitation. Taking a few extra steps can affect your outcome for years to come. All of the equipment Amanda using for waxing, lash extensions, and facials is treated with the same sterilization technique and Dr. Whipple’s surgical instruments. Dr. Whipple wouldn’t have it any other way…and neither would Amanda.
8. Who injects my Botox? Who injects my fillers?

Dr. Whipple performs all injections, whether it’s for Botox or filler or anything for that matter.
9. Will Dr. Whipple be the one doing my surgery?

Yes. Dr. Whipple performs all surgeries she consents you for during your visit.
10. Why does Dr. Whipple take so many photos?

Dr. Whipple loves photos and will take your picture at almost all your visits. Pictures are worth 1000 words and it really aids Dr. Whipple when planning your specific surgery to look at details of your eyes, eyelids and face while she is planning for your surgery. Rest assured, NONE of your pictures will be published for any reason without your consent.
11. How old is Dr. Whipple? She looks too young to be my surgeon!!

Dr. Whipple was born in 1981. She does look young for her age, which she attributes to growing up active, eating a normal diet, wearing sunscreen, and many of the treatments she offers her patients. But rest assured, she trained at some of the best institutions in the country for ophthalmology and oculoplastics. Additionally, oculoplastics is all she does, all day, every day, so her experience is tough to beat as there are only about 15 graduates of oculoplastics each year nationwide. Rest assured, you are in great hands with Dr. Whipple
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