Puffiness, bags, dark circles … lower eyelids seem to be the part of the face that bothers most people. It’s understandable given that the lids frame the most noticed feature on your face … your eyes!

Over time, gravity, age, sun damage, lack of sleep, and poor diet all contribute to formation of these bags. Everyone wants the miracle over the counter cream to make the puffiness go away. Dr. Whipple hates to be the bearer of bad news but no cream is going to get rid of those bags. Some creams may temporarily get rid of subtle puffiness, but surgery is the way to completely remove them. Using the latest techniques, Dr. Whipple will address the contours of the lower eyelids while preserving the natural shape of your eyes.

Successful surgery will accentuate your eyes and take the focus off what you don’t like about your lower eyelids. You’ll be excited about the way you look and the best part is you’ll be the best version of yourself!
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