It’s the window to our soul, housed by the thinnest skin in the body. Therefore, the upper eyelids are usually the first place to show fine lines, crepiness, tired eyes and fat protrusion that comes with age. Luckily this is also one of the best areas of the body to rejuvenate due to our ability to have no visible scar. This really gives a wow effect because the eyes are the focal point of our face. It’s a safe, quick procedure that can dramatically improve your appearance and keep you looking like yourself. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia to remove excess skin the upper eyelids. It is the most common of all plastic surgeries performed.

With years of experience dedicated to the eyelids, fine precision, and painstaking attention to detail, Dr. Whipple customizes her surgical approach to your individual needs to achieve your optimal, natural result.
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